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Siegfried Linkwitz developed one of the fundamental components of modern loudspeakers, the Linkwitz-Riley filter, used to send the right frequency to different drivers. He also developed what he thought was the ultimate loudspeaker, the LX521.

Fortunately for me, he decided to sell the plans online so anyone could build them if they didn't want (or couldn't afford) to buy them.

This has been my third COVID-19 speaker project, the first of which was another of his speakers, the LXMini. If these are half as good as those I'll be very happy. This is a lot more complicated than that build though, as it requires 8 or 10 channels of amplification, along with an analog signal processor (ASP) to send the right part of the sound to the right driver. I also decided to build a streamer for it all.

I started the build by making a test baffle, as I had never tried laminating veneer to a substrate before. The process was easy enough, but when I applied a finish I wasn't happy with it so decided to make them from solid cherry. Routing the profile of the second one on my router table I caught the grain on the router bit and split it badly.


Next up was making those subwoofers. They're big and the heavy, but oh boy, do they have some power ...


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