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Linkwitz Mini and Bowers and Wilkins 606 speakers
LXMini Speakers

I love listening to music. I can't play a musical instrument, even though I wish I could.

With the world locked down still as we fight COVID-19 in our own ways, I decided I wanted better sound. At first I though I could just buy my way to getting good sound, but quickly discovered that money doesn't go very far when it comes to audio equipment.

After doing lots of research, reading reviews, etc., I decided on my system, and purchased:

  • Bluesound NODE 2i (source)
  • Cambridge Audio CXA61 (amplifier)
  • Bowers and Wilkins 606 (speakers) w/ stands

I set everything up and it was OK, but nothing amazing. Disappointed at spending over $2,600 I decided more research was needed. Maybe I didn't have them in the right place, maybe the room wasn't right, maybe my ears are crap. I tried all sorts, but nothing blew me away.

Somewhere in all the research I saw the Linkwitz LXMini speakers. They're certainly not your normal boxes, but I like making things so why not try it. It wasn't quite that simple though. Even though they're easy to make, they need an digital crossover, 4 channel amp, etc.