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After Lottie died we waited a long time before deciding to get another puppy. It was a difficult time, and she was so special. When we both felt the time was right we started looking. We spent months checking the rescue sites weekly, but no one was a good fit. There were many dogs that were too big, or couldn't be with other dogs, or had other issues, and we had to put Moses's needs first.

We knew we wanted another Tibetan Terrier, but also considered similarly sized dogs. With the pandemic raging, and most people in lock-down T.T. rescues were few. (Hopefully it stays that way when people return to work).

We tried breeders, but litters were sold before they were born, and when we did eventually manage to find one, the litter ended up being smaller than expected.

We were then contacted by someone well respected in the breed, who knew of a litter coming. Were we interested?

And that is how we got Pina (now Penny).

Penny was born February 28, 2021